Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today I am going to brag...not on myself, don't you worry, but on my momma.
My mom loves to bake and is super crafty (hm...crazy that I have those interests too!). She has taught me everything that I know about baking and she has also been working since I was little to get me sewing (I can hand stitch, but am currently working on threading the bobbin on my sewing machine sans help.....). I thought I would share two of her latest crafts.

1. Our living room needed a little extra color (the couch specifically). I found a chocolate pillow on clearance at Target and also found some beautiful yellow cloth napkins (via help from Lauren and the craft idea from her also). When we went home this weekend, mom quickly stitched 2 of the napkins together on 3 sides. I brought the covers back, put two couch pillows in them and sewed up the top and instant color! (Did I mention that she has sewed A LOT of things in our house..numerous pillows, curtains, etc).

2. For a wedding shower this weekend, mom made mini cupcakes into a center piece and they looked AMAZING! See?

She made these by making mini cupcakes (some chocolate and some white) and icing with cream cheese icing (that had a little meringue powder to set the icing a little more). She then placed a styrofoam ball in each silver bowl and used toothpicks to attach the cupcakes. After completing the entire arrangement, she added in leaves to give it more of a floral arrangement look. Amazing, right!? Now if only I can find the right occasion to make one too! : )

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Ashley said...

Thanks for the comment SB :) I've been meaning to send you a message - we decided to move to Tyler! W started his new job a few weeks ago, our house is on the market and then I'll be moving up there soon. I'm waiting (patiently!) on God's timing for everything to work out.