Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So apparently they notice...

I've been going home everyday during my lunch break to let Ellie out since we got Ellie back in April. Apparently my kids notice when I leave each day, because they've been asking where I'm going. They've also started asking how she's doing when I get back : ) One of my kids wrote an entire story about Chloe and Ellie and this is the last page.
It says "My teacher has to go home to check on the dogs." Kids notice everything..she even included my new black purse in the picture. Gotta love it! : )

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful long weekend after a long week : ) Thursday (which is technically not the weekend, but thats okay), I went into town to eat dinner with HB and then we got cupcakes at Crave!! YUM!
My mint chocolate cupcake and HB's red velvet!!

Then on Friday night, Cody and I met up with Jessica and Cody at Minute Maid to watch the Astros play the Rangers!! What a fun game!! We even got to sit on the Club level which was amazing! : ) Unfortunately the Astros lost (they actually lost the whole series..sad day), but the game was still fun!
Such a perfect Friday night at Minute Maid in downtown!

Cody, me, Jessica and Cody right after the 'stros hit a home run!

Saturday was a lazy day as most are! : )
Sunday we went to church, which was very sparsely populated due to the holiday. I cleaned and cooked all afternoon and then Emily and Dustin came over for dinner! We grilled hot dogs and wings! Buddy, Chloe and Ellie got to play all night too! Ellie LOVES Buddy! : )
Then this morning, Cody, Chloe, Ellie and I drove down to Freeport for a beach day! We met up with Scott, Ashley and their two dogs (Miller and Abby). The boys spent their day fishing, the girls relaxed and the puppies played like crazy!!
Our fam

Cody fishing with Ellie attached

The guys fishing
The pups all playing together

Chloe after playing the water

Such a perfect day!

Ellie in the Ocean

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10, 9, 8...

Okay so only 9 days left of school!!! How crazy!! My kiddos and I are counting down! Woohoo!
This past weekend, Cody's sister Lyndsey and friend Eddie came in to see some friends that were getting married. We got to hang out with them for a little while, while they were here, but I did not make them take a pic : ) They headed back after Cafe Express on Saturday and then Cody and I spent the rest of Saturday being lazy!!
We had to tend to our sick puppy on Sunday:
We never figured out what was wrong with her..maybe she had a fever? She's better now though!
Last night was the kindergarten musical and it was SO cute!! I can't put up pics of the kids though, so here's a pic of the team.
And then today Ellie had her 3 month check up! She's healthy and now weighs 22 pounds. The most interesting parts of these visits is the two of us in the car. Let me start out by reminding you that Chloe is 8 pounds and rides in my lap in the car, no big deal. Although Ellie would love to ride in my lap, that simply wouldn't work, so I put her on the floorboard in front of the back seats. In a matter of seconds, she managed to place her left paw around my back and her head on my right shoulder. I was laughing too hard at that point to take a pic, so I got a picture of her trying to wiggle her way to me on the way home (no worries moms, my car was in park and I was still in the parking lot!)

Oh and I've figured out lately that Ellie's eyes are brown and not black as I had originally thought!! Puppies are so fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ok Stalker...

Teaching kindergarten is always very entertaining, especially when they are writing! : )
Por ejemplo:
*One little boy wrote today "Yesterday my sister called me stalker."
*A little girl wrote "I dreamed about a bar." bar = bear
*Another little girl wrote "My sister was the pits." pits = prince
*Two little girls were arguing today over whether it is a "poodle" skirt or a "pool" skirt
And that was just today! : ) Gotta love it!

A few pics from the weekend/week:
Crawfish de Mayo Round 2! On Saturday, Cody and I went to Austin to see Beth and Patrick and go to Crawfish de Mayo! We were so glad to get to see them and meet some new friends! It was super fun! This year they even had crawfish races!
Patrick, Beth, Me & Cody

Beth and I with our Crawfish! Yum!

Cody and I

And then this afternoon, Emily came over with her golden retriever, Buddy, for Chick-fil-A and a puppy play date!! They had so much fun! We even managed to get all three pups to sit for a picture!!
Aftermath of puppy playdate..

Happy Wednesday to all & happy 31st anniversary to my wonderful parents!! Love you lots!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank goodness this has just been a three day week, especially after thinking it was going to be a workless week! : ) My kids have been so sweet this week and seem to be glad to be back in a "normal" routine!!
I have a group of girls that go to breakfast every Thursday morning. Its such a wonderful time to chat and get out of the grind for an hour! We took a pic yesterday, but we were missing Carolina!

Yesterday afternoon our new kitchen appliances were delivered and installed!! We're SO excited!!

Then last night we went up to the Woodlands to eat dinner with HB for her 24th birthday, which is actually today!! We ate a Tommy Bahamas! Yum!! Pictures to follow soon...believe it or not I didn't take out my camera at all, so I'll have to get pics from the birthday girl!
Have a fantastic, fun Friday! (Thats what I tell my kiddos each week!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waco de Mayo

I got to go to Waco! On my way, I stopped by Marlin to see my Mamaw and Papaw! It was great to visit with them and to see how well they're doing!!

Once I got to Waco, I ran by McAlister's and got to see my cousin Wes and met up with Erin and Brad!
EG, Brad and I then went to Schmaltz's (yum!!) for lunch!
And then we headed up to campus to see the bears, who were no where to be found, so we just walked around campus!! I forgot how beautiful that place is!! I miss it!!!!!!
Erin happy by the bearless bearpit

Baylor landscaping (there was also a part that says BEARS)
Judge Baylor with Pat Neff in the Background
Erin and Daddy by Judge Baylor (she did not know what to make of the statue!)
My beautiful niece and I by a Baylor sign, Sic 'em!

Afterwards, we met up with Jen at their house and had a yummy dinner!!
Erin hijacked my water bottle : )

Erin and her beautiful mommy! Don't they look alike!? : )

Brad, Erin and I also headed over to the new Cafe Cappucino for breakfast (I miss Waco restaurants!!!). They have the best giant pancakes ever!!

What a perfect trip!! I absolutely love spending time with my brother, sis (in-law) and niece!!
Now its back to the real world..CDC changed their mind, so we just got the call a little while ago that we go back to school tomorrow!! Off to iron, go to the grocery store and get otherwise prepared for a week of school! Happy Cinco to all!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mini-Summer Vaca

What a crazy week...what a crazy school year!! First we miss 7 days for Hurricane Ike, then we missed a day for flooding this past Tuesday and then low and behold on Thursday night we got the call that a student at my school had the Swine Flu, so we're now missing 11 days for that!! (The student who had the swine flu is better now and cleared to return to school! Praise God!) So in total when all is said and done this year we will have missed 3 weeks and 3 days of instructional class time (although we did make up 3 days from Ike).
So, since I've gotten to spend so much time at home, I'm discovering a few things.
1. Chloe thinks she's an outside dog even though she's not.
2. Ellie thinks she's an inside dog even though she's not.
3. Chloe has been digging a hole that is really impressively deep for a little dog..not good!
4. Boredom = baking...lots and lots of baking
5. Baking = eating way too much!
6. Boredom/fear of swine flu = lots and lots of cleaning!
7. Running is actually entertaining..I might starting doing it more often!
8. My running playlist is from my freshman/sophomore year of college!!! I need work out song suggestions!
9. I like my pseudo-summer! : )

Take care of your selves and keep your hands sanitized! Hopefully the swine flu is gone soon!!