Sunday, August 16, 2009

A camping we will go, a camping we will go...

Summer is officially over : ( Tomorrow I go back to school for a work week before my kiddos come next Monday! I am so excited to meet my new kiddos!
I spent most of this past week setting up my new classroom and visiting with some teacher friends that I haven't seen much over the summer.
On Friday, Cody and I went with Cody and Jessica to Hickory Hollow. My husband ate the biggest chicken fried steak that I have ever seen! Next time he's going to finish all of the sides too :)

At the end of the meal

Then on Saturday we headed to Huntsville to go camping for the first time with our pop up camper. Here is the only before picture I have.

Cody put a new floor in, fixed cabinets, repainted it and worked on several other things to get it ready for us to take.
Here's the door
One of the beds

The sink/"kitchen" area
The other bed and the couch

Camping in the pop up was way better than camping in our tent : )
Our set up

(Don't judge, it was early and make up is not allowed on camping trips)

Cody's aspiration: Awesome RV pulling a Tundra with a Harley Davidson in the bed. It was impressive.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer days are gone too soon

Summer is dwindling away!! Tomorrow we're back to setting up our classrooms!
This past week I've been cramming in as much summer as I can:
Wednesday I went to Waco to see fam, Bethy and re-experience Baylor/Waco fun!
On my way there I stopped by Marlin and visited with my wonderful grandparents.
When I got to Brad, Jen and Erin's in Waco, we picked up Schmaltz's and met up with Mindy & Jeremy at Cameron Park for a picnic!

Afterwards, Beth and I walked Bear Trail and got coffee at Common Grounds.

The next morning, Brad, Beth, Mindy, Erin and I hit up Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast.

Mindy, Beth and I then went on and did a little Waco shopping at Spice! So fun! I got to see my grandparents once more before heading home to Cody and my girls.
Friday, Cody's parents came into town with his grandparents (Garrett was already here) and we had dinner at our house with his great Aunt and Uncle! Saturday we got up and headed to Surfside down in Freeport for a little sun, fishing and kayaking. The pups got to come too : )

Our fam

Probably my fave pic of the day

Carol and Roger

Garrett, Roger, Cody and Carol fishing

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar, aww, honey, honey

Calling all cyclists and runners/walkers:
The American Diabetes Association has two big events coming up to raise money for research!
On September 19, there is going to be a bike ride, Tour de Cure! Some of our friends are riding 64 or 100 miles because they're awesome and have road bikes. Cody and I have mountain bikes though, so we're riding the shortest distance (15 miles). Come join us if you can! If not, we could really use donations (each of us has to raise $150 for ADA to actually be able to ride).
The other event is on November 21 and is called Step Out. This event is a 3k walk or a 5k run. Registration is free and they are trying to raise money through donations. Participants that raise $125 get a Step Out tshirt. Come join this team also if you can!

I'm so excited to be in a city big enough to have events to raise money for diabetes research! Each new advancement that they make has already made my life so much easier! Who knows, maybe they'll find a cure in my lifetime!? I really appreciate your support!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night

This past weekend my besties and I loaded up the 4runner and headed down to Galveston for a few nights! What a perfect weekend!! First of all we stayed in a cute little house not far from the beach. It was an older home that has been completely redone on the inside (good find Bethy)!

When we got there Friday, we headed to the beach for nice, relaxing nap time by the ocean.

We then went back to the house, aka the "Loveshack," to get all dolled up for dinner at Gaidos.

At dinner we had absolutely delicious food and a very entertaining waiter.

Saturday we made a yummy breakfast before heading off to the Strand for a little shopping.

Then we headed off to the beach for a little more relaxation time.

Dinah, her cousin, roommate and roommate's little sis met up with us on the beach!

Afterwards we went back to the Loveshack to get ready for another exciting dinner, where I shared my "bump it" so others could enjoy the excitement of big Texas hair. : )

We ate at a yummy Mexican food restaurant and enjoyed the rest of our night!
These girls are so fun!! What wonderful friends I have!!