Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two down, forever to go!

Yesterday Cody and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary! I thought that this might be a good time to share our story (just in case you haven't heard/read it yet).
Cody and I grew up in the same hometown, we went to the same school from kindergarten through high school. We weren't really friends, more acquaintances as we went through school. During our senior year of high school over spring break, Cody asked if he could take me on a date sometime to which I of course said yes. Well over spring break, he got caught up in baseball and managed not to ask me out. By this point he had my attention. Although we had not gone on a date yet, I did manage to steal the last dance at prom. Then a week before we graduated, Cody and I went on our first date (a movie and starbucks). We continued dating throughout that summer and then decided that although we were going to different schools, there was no reason to stop dating. So then for the next 4 1/2 years, Cody and I spent our weekends commuting on highway 6 between Waco and College Station. The more time that we spent together, the more that we learned about each other, the more fun we had together and the more we fell in love. Cody proposed in April of our senior year in college and after a long 8 month engagement and 4 1/2 years of dating, we finally became Mr. and Mrs. Sage and lived happily ever after! : )







The seven days of Christmas

Lots of family = lots of Christmas = lots of fun : )
On our first day of Christmas 12-22 (well it was technically my birthday)
Cody got up early and got me a Chicken Biscuit from CFA. YUM! We later went to PELI PELI for lunch. They had the most amazing house salad I've ever tasted (lots of fruit and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing). Then we decided to head on to Longview. We got home to lots of presents, yummy cupcakes and family! : )

On our second day of Christmas 12-23
we ran a few last minute errands and then got to do something that I had been looking forward to! My mom and I always make sugar cookies (this year Nana cookies) and then decorate them with cream cheese icing and sprinkles. Well this year my mom was keeping my niece Erin so she got to help decorate. Erin helped add sprinkles and at one point decided to try the icing, which resulted in her sucking the cookie dry.

That day we also experienced a tornado on the other side of Longview and then went to Shoguns for a family birthday celebration!

On our 3rd day of Christmas 12-24
I started out the day with a brunch with some of my high school friends! We ate and then played bananagrams (like scrabble but without the board, so fun!).

Tracib and I then got pedis.
We went to our Christmas eve service that night, followed by the big Sage family Christmas and then stopped by the Redd's house for a while!

On our 4th day of Christmas 12-25 (and actual Christmas day)
We celebrated Jesus' birthday with Cody's family that morning,

my parents during the day

and Carol's family that night. We were showered with gifts and blessed with family time!
On our 5th day of Christmas 12-26
we put a lot of miles on the Tundra. We got up bright and early and drove to Marlin for Childs' family Christmas,

then onto Waco for Brown family Christmas
and then back home (via College Station for a quick stop at Blue Baker).
On our 6th day of Christmas 12-27
Cody's family came to Houston and we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. What an entertaining show! It was different than I thought it was going to be, it was a mix of orchestra and rock, very interesting. We then tried out a restaurant that Cody and I heard about but just hadn't yet made it to, Floyd's. It was very good! We then got to use the fire pit and make smores : )
On our 7th day of Christmas 12-28
We spent a good part of our gift cards that day between good deals at the outlet mall, necessary supplies for our new camera and cammo things for hunting (for Cody of course).