Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

I have a lot to catch you up on..mainly in pictures : )
1. Erin Grace LOVES cheetos (Can you tell that they are not only covering her face, but eyebrows also?)

2. The Brad Brown fam came for a visit last weekend!!
While they were here we went to a nearby church for their walk through Bethlehem which included:
Live animals to pet


And a donkey to ride
And Erin showed us her love for puppies. She referred to ours as Allie (Ellie) and Chachie (Chloe). She and Cody googled a lot of puppy pics. Erin would look at them dance, and then kiss the puppies : ) Unfortunately I couldn't get her doing that on video. I did get her dancing as she got excited!

3. This past week I replaced my pink cowboy boots with grown up ones! Aren't they wonderful!?

4. My kindergarten team had our Christmas party on Wednesday night. I have such a great team!

5. This weekend Cody and I went to the deer lease. Unfortunately they didn't get any deer, and it was cold/rainy, but we had a good time! My not so camperish moments included: unplugging the heater to charge my iphone, bringing my laptop and watching a season of the Office... My camperish moments included: driving a 4-wheeler, getting muddy and not showering for 2-days

Chloe wore two jackets b/c she weighs 8lbs and I think she might've come close to freezing. Lucky for her, we had a heater in our camper that she spent most of her time in front of.

This is our setup. Ashley and I refer to it as the trailor park : ) Its great because the dogs have a fenced in area to run around in.
The pups exhausted after a long weekend.

6. No pics, but Cody and I got to go see my grandparents since they live so close to the deer lease. We ate lunch, showered and visited with them! I have such wonderful grandparents! Have I mentioned that already?! I'm looking so forward to getting to see my entire family the day after Christmas!
7. Countdowns: 5 days until Christmas break. 9 days until my 25th birthday, 12 days until Christmas, 16 days until our 2nd wedding anniversary!!


katie + bret said...

Love the new boots! Super cute - I bet those look great with jeans!

Props to you girl for camping. I would sooner die. I am by no means a non-outdoors person but for some reason, I just cannot do camping. :-/ How snobby do I sound?

Emma said...

Hi there!
Just randomly came across your blog because I am trying to find a pair of those pink cowboy boots and was having no luck until I saw your photo. I would appreciate it incredibly if you could give me info/brand name about them! Thanks so much!


The Sages said...

Hi Emma,
The pink boots are from Cavenders