Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 and 11 months

Well my sweet readers (if I still have any..), I apologize for my absence. I make no promises to improve my updates, but will do my best : )  That is one thing that I have learned this year.  I can only do my best and my best has been loving my baby girl and unfortunately, there's not much else left to give after work, being a mommy and a wife.  

10 months

At 10 months, Sadie
*Is over 18 lbs
*Seems to have grown in length
*pulls up on everything
*has 6 teeth
*love balloons and bubbles (we basically had a balloon in the house for her for 3 months straight)
*crawls around chases the puppies giggling
*eats a lot of finger foods (like elk and chicken)
*talks a lot: using her few words, babbling or mimicing others

11 months (I cannot believe it!)

At 11 months, Sadie
*Is 19 lbs 11 oz
*28 inches long
*Crawls a lot
*Pushes everything not nailed down to use as a walker
*Eats what we do most of the time
*Giggles and squeals a lot
*Pulls up on everything
*Puts everything she finds in her mouth
*Gets into the dog bowls (while telling herself "no no")
*Loves watching the baby in the mirror
*Moved to a new class at school

Clearly, this child has no interest in taking monthly pictures, because she is far too busy playing.  Only 2 weeks to go until she is a year old! TIME PLEASE STOP!