Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Cody!

This weekend was Ashley Dubose Bouwer's wedding : ) Beth and Patrick came and stayed with us and brought along little Soph. Chloe and Sophie have a history of varied interactions. Sometimes they hide, sometimes they fight, but lately they've gotten along. We put this to the test by leaving them along together when we went to the wedding and thank goodness we came back to both of them in one piece! : )

Ash's wedding was at a beautiful chapel up in the Woodlands which we barely made it to before the wedding started (like the doors had shut already)...woops! The wedding and reception were both beautiful and very classy. We got to sit at a table of Zetas and catch up! Seems like there are fewer opportunities for that now, we need more Zetas to get married!

Today is Cody's birthday!! He is 24. I am married to an old man : ) We've had a fun, yet laid back day today celebrating.
Only 2 more school days until Thanksgiving break!! Woohoo!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beeville, TX

This weekend Cody and I headed down to Beeville, TX. Where might you ask is Beeville? Its an hour north of Corpus Christi. My Aunt Nanc and her crew (Greg, Caleb, Graham and Ab) live there and unfortunately it had been like 5 years since I'd gotten to visit.
We just love this family! We got to hang out with them all weekend and meet a lot of their friends! Nanc and I are a lot alike so thats always fun (I think Ab is too!). We've been very close with their family for a long time and I am still just shocked at how grown up all of the kids are! : )
Oh and they have a maltipoo named Bella who could be Chloe's twin, so they kept us entertained the whole time we were there!
SO FUN! I just love family time!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fly me to the Moon

This weekend I experienced the joy of flying to and from Dallas. The driving trip there is TERRIBLE, so I got to fly for Allison Cloud Brockman's wedding! : ) I got to spend a day with Tracib which is always fun, especially when it includes good food and shopping. Btw, her puppy Gatsby can do some of the cutest tricks! I am determined to teach Chloe some new ones now! We got dressed up last night and headed up to Plano for Allison's wedding. Can I just say that she was one of the most beautiful brides that I have ever seen! Oh and we were super excited to get to see Timothy! I flew back this afternoon to come home to my wonderful little family! : )

This is backtracking and completely out of order, but thats okay. This past Tuesday at LIT was our second to last week of Bible study and since I chronicle my life in pictures, our group of girls (minus Amanda) got a picture with Beth and Melissa. We were super excited!
Okay, I guess thats all! : ) Only two weeks until Cody's birthday, a little over that until Thanksgiving, then we get to decorate for Christmas, my birthday is in a little over a month , then Christmas and then our one year anniversary!! I love this time of year : )

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its November!!

Can you believe that its already November!! That's crazy!! We had beautiful weather here for like a week and now its back up to the 80's! boo!
Cody and I have had a busy last couple of weeks!
Last weekend Carol was here with her parents and sister. We went to a Halloween party with them on Saturday night : ) Cody and I were construction workers (appropriate I know!), Carol was a golfer and Nanny was a nurse.

We missed Erin Grace's baby dedication though!! Her pictures were of course adorable as always! Check out her Halloween pics too! Cutest bunny ever!!

Work this week seemed busy, which could've had more to do with having things after/before school every day which ended with Field Day on Friday! I did vote early though!! Thank goodness for the weekend!! I've found a new joy in carving pumpkins!!
I'll spare you the pics I took of Chloe right before the pumpkin one. I put her in her Halloween costumes from years past. She was not excited at all in those : )
Cody and I tried out a pizza place last night called Russo's that we loved.
This morning I got to catch up with Allison Cloud, whose wedding I'm flying up to Dallas for next week.

Then we went to Harvey's company picnic, went shopping and got a few Christmas presents, and then have been pretty lazy tonight. I did finish my h/w for my LIT Bible study class, no thanks to Chloe!
I am very excited about getting an extra hour of sleep tonight b/c Daylight Savings ends!!
I'm nervous about Tuesday's election results but am praying hard that God will guide the country regardless of the new leader!