Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Cody!

This weekend was Ashley Dubose Bouwer's wedding : ) Beth and Patrick came and stayed with us and brought along little Soph. Chloe and Sophie have a history of varied interactions. Sometimes they hide, sometimes they fight, but lately they've gotten along. We put this to the test by leaving them along together when we went to the wedding and thank goodness we came back to both of them in one piece! : )

Ash's wedding was at a beautiful chapel up in the Woodlands which we barely made it to before the wedding started (like the doors had shut already)...woops! The wedding and reception were both beautiful and very classy. We got to sit at a table of Zetas and catch up! Seems like there are fewer opportunities for that now, we need more Zetas to get married!

Today is Cody's birthday!! He is 24. I am married to an old man : ) We've had a fun, yet laid back day today celebrating.
Only 2 more school days until Thanksgiving break!! Woohoo!!

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