Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rhino brace

Sadie's hip dysplasia had been improving up to her appointment about a month ago.  Unfortunately at her most recent appointment, no real change had occurred.  This left her doctor to believe that the Pavlik harness was no longer effective.  Her doctor has since moved her to a new kind of brace called a Rhino Brace.  It is the next step in fixing hip dysplasia.  Hopefully this will be the final one we have to try.  The Rhino Brace is a:
      Polypropylene hip abduction brace for treating children from infants to 3 years of age with hip dysplasia. Holds hips in the correct abduction position, but flexible enough to allow walking. Can be used full time or for night wear only. Commonly used as a follow-up to the Pavlik harness treatment, as the child begins to walk.

My first reaction to hearing that she needed this was tears, lots of tears.  Deep down in my heart, I had been hoping that the Pavlik harness was the fix and specifically, I had been hoping that her most recent ultrasound would show that her hip was now at the correct angle and that we could phase out the Pavlik harness and y'all that is just not what happened.  

When the doctor told me the next step, I had lots of questions.  Then once we left, I started to worry about her reaction, her development, etc.

The amazing thing is that once I was able to organize my thoughts, I invoked the help of my sweet prayer warriors.  Y'all, she is not missing anything, she has not had trouble adjusting and my anxiety is subsiding.  

Please if you will pray specifically that the angle that her right hip is in socket improves significantly over this next month.  That would tell us that the brace is working.  Please pray specifically for our patience as the brace does its job.  Please pray for Sadie to continue hitting those developmental milestones and to learn to do things differently so that she can continue to grow even while in the brace.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 months

Sadie Leigh is 5 months old! I marvel daily and what she is able to do, how she is growing and how lucky we are to have her!

At 5 months, she:
*weighs 14lbs
*is 24 inches
*recognizes mom and dad
*smiles so big
*rolls over (easily tummy to back, has a few times back to tummy)
*pushes up on her tummy
*loves music
*loves her pups
*makes lots of noises
*blows raspberries
*tries to mimic sounds
*is getting better at holding up her bottle
*can get her own paci in her mouth
*likes to sit up
*loves sitting in her Bumbo and jumperoo

Picture observations
*she is moving a lot are getting harder to take
*she is over laying on the Boppy Newborn Lounger (see fussy pics above), she wants to sit up
*her toes are awesome and way more exciting to watch than the camera
*she is adorable!