Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look out for me, oh muddy water..

A while back Cody and Alex decided to do muddy buddy. It is a 6ish mile race, 5 legs, one buddy runs three legs and bikes two, while the other buddy does the opposite. Between each trade off is an obstacle, the final obstacle being a mud pit that you have to crawl through. Well, once the boys signed up, Hannah and I decided that it wold be a good idea for us to sign up as well. So this weekend, we all did the Muddy Buddy : ) It was fun! Harder than I expected it to be since I usually run around our flat neighborhood and ride my road bike on the same roads and easier than my husband expected it to be. Both the boys' team, Team Awesome, and the girls' team, Baylor Babes, finished in under an hour. Woohoo! Here are a few pictures from the event. The rest can be viewed by clicking here.

Prior to the race on Sunday, Cody and I went to Dallas and spent the weekend with some of our favorite friends. We went to Top Golf Friday night with Warren, Danee, Tom, Meredith, Garrett, Traci and Jared.

Then on Saturday, Warren and Cody watched football while I drove up to Carrolton to see Traci's new house, go to Nordstrom Rack and eat a yummy brunch at Breadwinners.

To top off all of the yummy food included on that trip, we also had Sprinkles (yum!) and Genghis Grill.

We had a wonderful BUSY weekend!!

Other important things:
Look at the beautiful new director's chair that my mom made the cover for! I am no longer sitting in a kindergarten chair to teach! Woohoo!!

Only one week left to order donate at least $20 to receive this Step Out tshirt and support the American Diabetes Association (email me if you are interested at
Remember you can still sign up to join us on November 21 walking or running.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's Fall

Another weekend that felt like fall!! Woohoo! Now I'm just waiting for those leaves to start changing colors.
This weekend we went to Longview for Maegan and Cody's wedding and lucky for us, we got to see not only both sets of parents, but my brother, sis(inlaw) and niece(which means I have tons of pics to share)!
Aunt Sb and Erin

Walking like a kindergartener (hands behind her back)

Playing with my girls on a gorgeous day
Erin with her new best friend Ellie

With Chlo...note the similar stances : )


I love this one of my dad and Erin!

Maegan and Cody's wedding was at her parents house and it was so beautiful!!
Cody, me, Danee and Warren

I copied Ashley's adorable pumpkins and bought a fall arrangement to help my house look festive. Now I just need to figure out how to make a wreath : )

Happy week to all! Don't forget to let me know if you're interested in donating/joining us for Step Out (the diabetes walk/run)!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fighting Diabetes with Research and Education

I know that I've posted before about Step Out, but since we are getting closer to the date, I thought I would give more information. Step Out is a walk/run event taking place on November 21 in Downtown Houston. The event raises money for the American Diabetes Association. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have a vested interest in this fundraiser. : ) I have created a Step Out team, TEAM SAGE, for the event. We've already had several people sign up, some to walk and some to run. We would LOVE if you wanted to join our team.
Another way that you could support me is by donating to the run/walk. If you donate at least $20, you will receive a Step Out Team Sage tshirt (pictured above). In order to make the donation to get the tshirt, your donation needs to come to me (email me at if you are interested). Its a very cute tshirt! : ) (The event costs nothing to sign up for, so if you want to make a donation, please do so through me so that you can receive your tshirt).
So to recap:
**Sign up to walk/run with us here.
(Scroll down and click on Join Team)
**Donate at least $20 for the run/walk and receive the tshirt shown above
(Email me at for information about where to send the donation)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Award

Thanks to Jessica for this blog award!



1. You Can Only Use One Word!
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The Survey

1. Where is your cell phone? table

2. Your hair? brown

3. Your mother? patient

4. Your father? loving

5. Your favorite food? chocolate

6. Your dream last night? none

7. Your favorite drink? DC

8. Your dream/goal? happiness

9. What room are you in? living

10. Your hobby? pictures

11. Your fear? loneliness

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? babies : )

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. Something that you aren’t? tall

15. Muffins? Blueberry

16. Wish list item? Vacation/clothes

17. Where did you grow up? Longview

18. Last thing you did? ate

19. What are you wearing? BUshirt

20. Your TV? Samsung

21. Your pets? adorable : )

22. Friends? Best-TV-show (amen)

23. Your life? Fabulous

24. Your mood? Exhaustion

25. Missing someone? Cody

26. Vehicle? 4Runner

27. Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

28. Your favorite store? Banana/Gap/Express/Target/ATLoft

29. Your favorite color? Pink

30. When was the last time you laughed? School

31. Last time you cried? Thisweek

32. Your best friend? Cody

33. One place that I go to over and over? Walgreens

34. One person who emails me regularly? mom

35. Favorite place to eat? CFA/Subway/CafeExpress

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Run, run as fast as you can...

Saturday morning I ran my first 5k, Race for the Cure. Our school had a team in honor of one of our fifth grade teachers who is a breast cancer survivor. The team walked, but I really wanted to run so I had planned on running with Grayleigh, another kinder teacher. Unfortunately, I did not know that Houston's R4TC has 32,000 I never was able to find Grayleigh. I ran by myself and ran it in 30:20, which isn't horrible, but had there not been as many people, I feel like I could've done better (I also think I might've been running with the flu, but more on that later). Oh well, next time!

Saturday night Cody and I went to the Hometown Heroes Gala in the Woodlands. It was very fun! Afterwards we went with Brad and Lindsey to Crush, which is a restaurant that Brad did the interior build out on. It was very cool, esp. the rooftop cabana that we got to hang out in.

Yesterday the sickness that my body had been trying to fight off since Friday finally won out. I started running a fever Sunday (I think I was running one for part of Saturday too) so I went to a RediClinic and found out that I have Type A flu : ( So I'm out of school until Wednesday. Sad day! My next two days will consist of sleep, medicines, Regis and Kelly, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, Full House, ect. Hopefully the tamiflu will kick in soon so I can be back at school on Wednesday!
So moral of the story friends: Go get your flu shot today!! I was waiting until wednesday when they were giving the flu shot at school and I waited too long!