Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fighting Diabetes with Research and Education

I know that I've posted before about Step Out, but since we are getting closer to the date, I thought I would give more information. Step Out is a walk/run event taking place on November 21 in Downtown Houston. The event raises money for the American Diabetes Association. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have a vested interest in this fundraiser. : ) I have created a Step Out team, TEAM SAGE, for the event. We've already had several people sign up, some to walk and some to run. We would LOVE if you wanted to join our team.
Another way that you could support me is by donating to the run/walk. If you donate at least $20, you will receive a Step Out Team Sage tshirt (pictured above). In order to make the donation to get the tshirt, your donation needs to come to me (email me at if you are interested). Its a very cute tshirt! : ) (The event costs nothing to sign up for, so if you want to make a donation, please do so through me so that you can receive your tshirt).
So to recap:
**Sign up to walk/run with us here.
(Scroll down and click on Join Team)
**Donate at least $20 for the run/walk and receive the tshirt shown above
(Email me at for information about where to send the donation)

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