Monday, October 5, 2009

Run, run as fast as you can...

Saturday morning I ran my first 5k, Race for the Cure. Our school had a team in honor of one of our fifth grade teachers who is a breast cancer survivor. The team walked, but I really wanted to run so I had planned on running with Grayleigh, another kinder teacher. Unfortunately, I did not know that Houston's R4TC has 32,000 I never was able to find Grayleigh. I ran by myself and ran it in 30:20, which isn't horrible, but had there not been as many people, I feel like I could've done better (I also think I might've been running with the flu, but more on that later). Oh well, next time!

Saturday night Cody and I went to the Hometown Heroes Gala in the Woodlands. It was very fun! Afterwards we went with Brad and Lindsey to Crush, which is a restaurant that Brad did the interior build out on. It was very cool, esp. the rooftop cabana that we got to hang out in.

Yesterday the sickness that my body had been trying to fight off since Friday finally won out. I started running a fever Sunday (I think I was running one for part of Saturday too) so I went to a RediClinic and found out that I have Type A flu : ( So I'm out of school until Wednesday. Sad day! My next two days will consist of sleep, medicines, Regis and Kelly, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, Full House, ect. Hopefully the tamiflu will kick in soon so I can be back at school on Wednesday!
So moral of the story friends: Go get your flu shot today!! I was waiting until wednesday when they were giving the flu shot at school and I waited too long!


Sarah Shalley said...

oh no! i'm soooo sorry. hope that you feel better. guess i won't see you tomorrow. rest up. love ya!

Mike and Cymbre said...

Hang in there! Enjoy your shows...gotta love reruns!

katie + bret said...

YAY for 5k's! I did one on Saturday too! I don't know how often you run but 30mins is a great time! Congrats :)

Sorry to hear you are sick... I have been thinking all day I have a fever. I might be right there with you soon enough. Lovely. Get to feeling better!