Monday, September 28, 2009

All the leaves are brown...

Yay for fall!! We had a nice glimpse of fall weather for a couple of days last week and I'm hoping that the rain is bringing in another cool front!
I'm wanting to decorate for fall, but cannot find a good fall wreath. Any suggestions? I'm up for buying one or making one if I can come up with a good idea!
We planted our second flower bed in the backyard finally! Woohoo! We love Sega Palms. We have two in the front and this new one in the back now.

I finally used my super cute cupcake/brownie pan. It looks like mini bundt cakes. I think it actually made my brownies with cream cheese icing taste better than the normal pan!
And on a puppy mom note..I found a squeaky hamburger toy in my purse last week as I was leaving for work. Apparently the girls didn't want me to go hungry : )


beth said...

haha I love it.. the girls were just looking out for you! :)

katie + bret said...

Hobby Lobby always has good Fall decorations and things you could use to make your own wreath. Check out Pottery Barn too - All of their stuff is always perfect!

Flowerbed looks good and what a yummy hamburger you have in your purse! ;)

Jessica said...

Hey! Check out my blog - I gave you a blog award!