Monday, September 7, 2009

Whatcha been doing? Whatcha been doing? Whoa, whoa. Haven't seen you around

Hello blogging friends! I've missed you all! Beginning of the school year = crazy busy which means no new blog posts.
I've just finished the 2nd week of my third year in kindergarten (I guess technically my fourth since I went through kinder as a 5 year old). I have a full class this year of sweet unique 5 and 6 year olds and am so excited to help them grow into life-long learners this year! I of course took a few pictures from the first few days.
Kteam 09-10

Meet the Teacher - Meagan and I
Zeta Love - Grayleigh, my next door teacher is a Zeta!

My mentee Jessica and I

Our team on the first day

We all started teaching together - 3rd day of our 3rd year!
School bus cupcakes I made : )

Our cute new team shirts! They sparkle in case you can't tell!
A glimpse into the non-school part of our lives:
Ellie diving in at the puppy park a few weeks ago

We took both pups to Petsmart a few weeks ago. Ellie was having SO much fun! I should've gotten her pic b/c her tail wagged the entire time. I did get one of Chlo riding in the cart b/c two dogs and big bags of food didn't work so well. She loved it!
We went home last weekend to spend some quality time with the fam which involved shopping, pedis and steak : ) This Friday night Kelly came in to visit, so we got to spend time with her! And then Saturday we went up to College Station to watch the Aggies beat New Mexico with Sarah and Nick.

Being busy with school also for me means procrastinating house chores. My husband is an absolutely amazing man and picked up the slack for me big time on Thursday by cleaning which means that my only big chore this weekend was ironing...its been a long time since I've ironed, see:
and that pile my friends wasn't even all of it. I added a few pieces once my other loads of laundry finished. Needless to say, I ironed for several hours last night.
I've been in a baking mood this weekend and made cookies and I also made my first loaf of banana bread! Don't let its looks deceive you, it actually tastes pretty good!
And last but not least, I have been eating fruit snacks since I was 13 (brings up low blood sugars). I have seen gushers, dinosaurs, scooby doo, legos, cherry, grape, ect, but never in my life have I seen "creepies." Yes my friends, someone thought it was a good idea to create "creepies" fruit snacks:
Inside the "creepies" package is rat, snake and mosquito shaped fruit snacks..yuck!

Then today we ran, biked, ran a few errands, took the pups to the puppy park and had dinner at our friends' house! I hope everyone is enjoying their labor day!! Mondays off = heaven! : )

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katie + bret said...

Wow - You guys have been busy.

A) Your cupcakes are super cute! I am very impressed! And that banana bread looks like heaven! I love banana bread!!

B) LOVE all yalls teacher shirts! How fun is that?!

C) I hate to iron. I would take Cody's chores and leave him to all of that himself! AH! (or take the stuff to the cleaners)

Congrats on your third year of teaching!