Sunday, August 16, 2009

A camping we will go, a camping we will go...

Summer is officially over : ( Tomorrow I go back to school for a work week before my kiddos come next Monday! I am so excited to meet my new kiddos!
I spent most of this past week setting up my new classroom and visiting with some teacher friends that I haven't seen much over the summer.
On Friday, Cody and I went with Cody and Jessica to Hickory Hollow. My husband ate the biggest chicken fried steak that I have ever seen! Next time he's going to finish all of the sides too :)

At the end of the meal

Then on Saturday we headed to Huntsville to go camping for the first time with our pop up camper. Here is the only before picture I have.

Cody put a new floor in, fixed cabinets, repainted it and worked on several other things to get it ready for us to take.
Here's the door
One of the beds

The sink/"kitchen" area
The other bed and the couch

Camping in the pop up was way better than camping in our tent : )
Our set up

(Don't judge, it was early and make up is not allowed on camping trips)

Cody's aspiration: Awesome RV pulling a Tundra with a Harley Davidson in the bed. It was impressive.


katie + bret said...

What a fun little camper! Yes, no tents for me. I would need that, or the impressive one!

That CFS was HUGE! I sent the picture to my husband and he was in shock! yummm

Mike and Cymbre said...

We may have to visit the CFS husband would be in heaven! I'm impressed Cody!