Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar, aww, honey, honey

Calling all cyclists and runners/walkers:
The American Diabetes Association has two big events coming up to raise money for research!
On September 19, there is going to be a bike ride, Tour de Cure! Some of our friends are riding 64 or 100 miles because they're awesome and have road bikes. Cody and I have mountain bikes though, so we're riding the shortest distance (15 miles). Come join us if you can! If not, we could really use donations (each of us has to raise $150 for ADA to actually be able to ride).
The other event is on November 21 and is called Step Out. This event is a 3k walk or a 5k run. Registration is free and they are trying to raise money through donations. Participants that raise $125 get a Step Out tshirt. Come join this team also if you can!

I'm so excited to be in a city big enough to have events to raise money for diabetes research! Each new advancement that they make has already made my life so much easier! Who knows, maybe they'll find a cure in my lifetime!? I really appreciate your support!!

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Valerie Lea said...

SB! Put us down for $25...I'll get your address from your Mom and mail you a check! Good Luck with it, sweetie!