Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picture update

If you have been feeling deprived of pictures of Sadie lately, I am here to remedy that.
 Little girl loves to hold/rub your hand
 this is from father's day after we go home from church
 she is awake a lot more and likes to play

A few pic ideas from pinterest:

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I love Chickfila.  During my pregnancy, chicken biscuits were my Friday breakfast (so healthy, I know but so good).  Since I would prefer to lose rather than gain weight at this point, I have found a new favorite food at Chickfila.  The Grilled Market Salad is my new favorite, it has chicken, berries, blue cheese, granola, nuts, etc..this is how I make my salads (just throw everything you have in the bowl). Yum!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

(Yes it was almost a week ago, but I have a six week old, so there's my excuse..)

I am so thankful for three wonderful men who selflessly give of themselves to serve their children and wives.  

1. My sweet daddy who is a great listener, encourager, hugger, believer and who gave me a love for music & pictures.

2. Cody's dad who raised my sweet husband to be selfless, responsible, respectful and to have a great sense of humor and on top of that, you have so lovingly accepted me into your own family for the past 10 years.

3. I have been so blessed to see my own husband love our little girl.  I did not think that I could love him more until I saw him love and take care of our Sadie.  You will be her first love, her protector and her encourager.  What a wonderful future we have ahead of us!

 Happy Belated Father's Day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nursery Organization

When we got started on Sadie's room, the organization was almost as important to me as the decor. I used pinterest and blogs to help me figure out what I needed and ways to best organize all of the "stuff" that you have for a baby.

 I used a small glass bowl for her pacis
Since everything in her drawers is so teeny, I bought 2 of the Skubb box sets from Ikea to help keep all the little pieces where they need to be. 
On the right side:
1st drawer: I have wipes & diaper cream, diapers, boogie wipes & lotion, medicine, and grooming items  
2nd: pj's organized by size
3rd: onesies by size
On the left side:
1st drawer: swaddles and swaddle blankets
2nd: burp cloths and bibs
3rd: socks, mittens, tights

 In her closet, I used closet dividers from etsy.  Little girl has a lot of clothes!

 I also used a lot of baskets & boxes to keep everything together.
Bags, pump & blankets in the pink basket

Diapers organized by size

Exra sheets, changing pad covers, bows/headbands, hats/bloomers and shoes

 Extra feeding stuff
things for later

Crates for toys and books although we might end up needing more crates.

In the bathroom, I have a basket of toys & soap and then a stack of towels and wash cloths.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Favorites

1. This sweet face
Because it is just so perfect
2. Front door monograms
Because everything should be monogrammed (ours is from Tippie Toads)
3. Clif Crunch Granola Bar, Chocolate Chip
Because I love granola bars and these are so good!  Surely with them being Clif bars they're healthy too, right?

Because they have great coffee and sweets

5The Perfect Cafe
Because who doesn't love a great lunch and dinner spot

Monday, June 10, 2013

1 month

Sadie is a month old

At one month she...
*is awake a lot more of the time
*wakes up on average twice a night 
*can track objects or voices with her eyes
*seems to recognize mom and dad's voices
*snuggles close (she is a very affectionate little girl)
*is a growing girl (we'll find out how much she weighs at her 2 month appointment..she definitely has grown though)
*reaches for objects, although she cannot always grab them
*does not love mom's singing voice
*seems intrigued by light

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Current Favorites

We received a lot of gifts prior to Sadie's birth.  I registered for most of the things based on recommendations from friends or from researching online.  3 weeks in, these are my favorites so far (keep in mind we haven't even been able to use a lot of the stuff yet).

Fisherprice Snugabunny swing and Snugabunny bouncy seat
 I'm sure just one would suffice, but I like having options.  If she is not happy with one, the other will usually work to calm/entertain her.  The swing can be set up to go in different directions, has a moving mobile and also makes different noises. The bouncy seat vibrates and also makes noises.

Graco Pack n Play
The one we have has a "newborn napper."  We've been able to keep this in our bedroom and have a snug place for her to sleep at night.  We're using the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot to keep essentials organized in our room for her (diapers, cream, pacis, etc).  It fits on the pack n play. 
Summer Infant SwaddleMe
We use these each night to turn little girl into a burrito baby and to protect her from her flailing arms.   These make it so easy because there are flaps with velcro. (Not a picture of my little girl, just the image from BRU)

Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets
These are great light weight blankets.  We will swaddle her with them sometimes during the day or use it as a cover up blanket.
Cloud-B Sleep Sheep
We also got the Graco Sound machine, but just haven't had as much of an opportunity to use it.  The sleep sheep has velcro on the back to attach to the crib, but so far we've mainly used it during the day.  The sound that lulls her to sleep/keeps her asleep is the sound of the mother's heart.
Baby feeding log app
I was having trouble remembering when/how long she ate, how long she slept and when she was changed (possibly due to a sleep deprived brain...)  I actually bought an itz been timer, but never could find it to log her info in when I needed it.  I found this app and love it.  I can locate my phone most of the time.
For travel, I've been able to use both of our strollers and they serve their purpose well.  They both work with our carrier, the Chicco Keyfit.

We have the BOB Revolution stroller for the neighborhood, walking outside and eventually running (when she is old enough for that).  If you buy the BOB, go ahead and get the single handlebar console so you will have a place for your keys, etc.

I leave the snap and go stroller in my car and have used it to go in stores and doctors offices.  It is quite a bit smaller so its easier to maneuver in smaller spaces.

Other essential items I've found are burp cloths and shout stain remover