Friday, June 14, 2013

Nursery Organization

When we got started on Sadie's room, the organization was almost as important to me as the decor. I used pinterest and blogs to help me figure out what I needed and ways to best organize all of the "stuff" that you have for a baby.

 I used a small glass bowl for her pacis
Since everything in her drawers is so teeny, I bought 2 of the Skubb box sets from Ikea to help keep all the little pieces where they need to be. 
On the right side:
1st drawer: I have wipes & diaper cream, diapers, boogie wipes & lotion, medicine, and grooming items  
2nd: pj's organized by size
3rd: onesies by size
On the left side:
1st drawer: swaddles and swaddle blankets
2nd: burp cloths and bibs
3rd: socks, mittens, tights

 In her closet, I used closet dividers from etsy.  Little girl has a lot of clothes!

 I also used a lot of baskets & boxes to keep everything together.
Bags, pump & blankets in the pink basket

Diapers organized by size

Exra sheets, changing pad covers, bows/headbands, hats/bloomers and shoes

 Extra feeding stuff
things for later

Crates for toys and books although we might end up needing more crates.

In the bathroom, I have a basket of toys & soap and then a stack of towels and wash cloths.

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Chrissy said...

Thank you for this! How to organize everything has been stressing me out.