Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer days are gone too soon

Summer is dwindling away!! Tomorrow we're back to setting up our classrooms!
This past week I've been cramming in as much summer as I can:
Wednesday I went to Waco to see fam, Bethy and re-experience Baylor/Waco fun!
On my way there I stopped by Marlin and visited with my wonderful grandparents.
When I got to Brad, Jen and Erin's in Waco, we picked up Schmaltz's and met up with Mindy & Jeremy at Cameron Park for a picnic!

Afterwards, Beth and I walked Bear Trail and got coffee at Common Grounds.

The next morning, Brad, Beth, Mindy, Erin and I hit up Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast.

Mindy, Beth and I then went on and did a little Waco shopping at Spice! So fun! I got to see my grandparents once more before heading home to Cody and my girls.
Friday, Cody's parents came into town with his grandparents (Garrett was already here) and we had dinner at our house with his great Aunt and Uncle! Saturday we got up and headed to Surfside down in Freeport for a little sun, fishing and kayaking. The pups got to come too : )

Our fam

Probably my fave pic of the day

Carol and Roger

Garrett, Roger, Cody and Carol fishing

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katie + bret said...

Don't leave us summer!!