Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

The Tour de Cure is officially over for Houston this year! What a fun event! Friday night I went to a Red Riders dinner at Ninfa's in town. Red Riders were any cyclists participating in the ride that have Diabetes. At the dinner we were given Red Rider cycling jerseys which made me feel official. I also decided that the pockets in the back were made for my insulin pump and four things of fruit snacks : ) It was a diabetic ride after all.

The next morning, bright and early I got ready (Cody was in Galveston this weekend with some friends) and headed down to Katy to meet Alex and Hannah for the ride.
Me and Hannah

Hannah and Alex

HB and Alex rode 60ish miles and their ride left before mine.
I only rode 15, but loved it and wish now that I would have done the 30 mile ride! The day was perfect because it was overcast which made it cooler than normal. It was so exciting to be involved in something that impacts my own life so directly! It was also great to see the number of people out supporting the cause! Now onto Step Out in November : )

I went with some girlfriends to see Love Happens last night which was a really good movie, much deeper than I had originally thought it would be.
Today I went to sunday school (late of course), church and then headed to Cadillac for their Sunday Brunch. It was amazing! Breakfast food, mexican food (lunch) and dessert! SO good!

And then I came home excited to see my husband back from Galveston!
Only two days until Fall officially begins! Maybe that means that it'll drop below 85 degrees? : )

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katie + bret said...

You look too cute in your riding stuff! Professional or what?! Congrats on finishing - That is a great accomplishment!