Monday, December 1, 2008

So Thankful...So Full!

Thanksgiving break came none too soon!! I feel like all of these holidays are planned to fall right as everyone can't handle another day of work : )
Cody and I got to go home for five days, which I think is the longest that we've been home since we've been Mr. & Mrs. We got to spend a lot of quality time with both of our families! I even got to love on my sweet little niece for four days, dress her up cute and take some pictures! I was in heaven!

On Thanksgiving day we began the gluttony at the Sage's house for lunch. By the time that we finished I was sure that I could not eat another thing, but low and behold, when we went to my parent's house that night we still managed another full Thanksgiving meal. And you might think that we would eat lightly the rest of the weekend, but you would be wrong. We even went to the Sacred Spur Saturday night for a VERY large meal (steak for most, chicken for me).

Cody and I after two Thanksgiving Meals

We were not really wanting to come back yesterday, but I got excited when I got to decorate our first home together for the holidays! : )
A few pics of some of the decorations. Thank goodness for the Christmas shower we had last year!

And then I was super excited to go back to work today knowing that I had my gift of time (getting to leave 2 hours early) and I even made it to Sonic Happy Hour! This is the start of a great month!!


Jen and Ryan said...

your christmas stuff is precious! yay for hanging stockings from your countertops! :)

The Mr. and Mrs. said...

Your Christmas stuff looks so good! I love your dining room!