Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well Cody and I just got back from a very full week in Longview of friends, food, presents and hunting (not me, Cody)! On Tuesday, I went to T-town to to see the Besties! We got to go to lunch and catch up! I miss them!!
On Tuesday night we went to the Baxter Sales (Cody's dad's company) Christmas party and enjoyed Papacitas!
Then on Wednesday morning, I hosted a Christmas Eve breakfast at my parents house and saw some high school friends including my two best friends since forever (Danielle and Tracib)!!

On Wednesday night we went to First Baptist's Christmas Eve service and then on to the big Sage family Christmas at Nanny and Pappas's.
Then on Christmas we woke up EARLY and went to do Christmas and eat breakfast with the Sage fam (Cody's parents and siblings). My parents came to pick us up and then drove us to Marlin (near Waco) for my mom's family's big Christmas. There were 28 lively people in Mamaw and Papaw's house!!! We drove back Wednesday night and then spent the evening playing Wii with the Sages!
The Brown Fam

The Whole Childs Family

On Friday, we finally got to do the Brown family Christmas!!! This was Erin's first Christmas and she was just a joy to watch as she ate the wrapping paper, bang the paper around to make noise and get mezmorized by her toys. Oh yes and Cody and I put together an Indiana Jones lego set, be jealous! : )

The rest of the weekend was full of food and family!! We were blessed with an abundance of gifts and two absolutely amazing families!!
Only one more day until our anniversary!!!!!

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