Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Less than two weeks until Christmas!!! This year has gone by SO fast!!
This past week was crazy busy! Monday I babysat until late. Wednesday it started snowing right as we started dismissal at school. It was such a blessing to get to watch 5 year olds SO excited about snow! Most had never seen it before! Then we had our Kindergarten Christmas party,
and when we left there, it was still snowing!!!! AH! Snow in Houston!!

On Thursday evening, a group of girls headed up to the Berry Center for Converge. Beth Moore spoke, Cece Winans sang as did Travis Cottrell! It was a very uplifting time in the word, that got us in the Christmas spirit!!
Friday ended the week with tutoring, a dinner date with my husband and watching a movie at home! It was a perfect end to the week!
On Saturday morning, Chloe made a new friend when we had a playdate with Bella (Lindsay and Chad's puppy)! They were hilarious together!
Cody and I got to finish up our Christmas shopping on Saturday and wrap all of the presents also!! Yay!! We met his aunts (Robin and Rosie) and Macie and Austin at the Galleria for Cheesecake factory! Yum!
Today has seemed crazy, but full of fun experiences!! After Sunday school this morning, I got to go to an extravagant Christmas party up in Champions where Miley Cyrus performed with Rosie, Robin, Austin and Macie!

As soon as it was over, Cody and I headed down to our Sunday School Christmas party, where we received a giant blow up penguin lawn ornament as a white elephant gift! haha!
Its been a wonderful week, but i'm ready for rest!! Only five days until my break starts!! : )

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