Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to Town

This past week was fairly uneventful as most of our weeks are : ) I like them that way! Only 10 more school days until Christmas break! CRAZY!!
On Friday afternoon mom and dad came into town and got to meet my kiddos. They were SO excited! What a fun way to end a school week! After school my parents and I started our shopping extravaganza. Mom and I got a lot of Christmas presents taken care of!! When we got home, Cody prepared fondue for dinner! YUM!
On Saturday we ventured up to one of my favorite places in Houston, the Premium Outlets. We did some damage there too : ) Valerie, I tried to get my mom to take a picture but she wouldn't, so we took a picture of some of the bags instead! : )

We also went to see Four Christmases which I'd heard that a lot of people didn't like. I thought it was hilarious!!
Today we went to the early service at church and enjoyed the Christmas music and tithing message. I was disappointed however to discover that the Christmas program that I thought was tonight had actually happened last night! Oh well! Maybe next year! We went to the galleria for lunch at Cheesecake factory and a little more shopping after church! : )
I decided that I wanted to take Christmas pictures with our first Christmas tree, but unfortunately, it was too bright outside so we have lots of sun on us : ) I would re-do them, but I'm over it! Chloe's picture is super cute though!!

Ten school days left! 15 days until my birthday, 18 until Christmas and 22 days until our 1st wedding anniversary!

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