Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One down, forever to go!

Our first wedding anniversary was on Monday and we celebrated Monday night with dinner at Perry's and eating our wonderful wedding cake at home that night! Amazingly enough, after one year our cake still tasted wonderful! I'm thinking this is due to my mom's wrapping skills (six layers of foil, two layers of saran wrap and some duct tape!). Thanks mom!
I must say, having a wedding anniversary makes me feel old though! Having a wedding didn't, but wedding anniversaries are things that our parents have! : )
I am so grateful to have met and fallen in love with such an amazing, handsome, Christian man who loves me and takes such wonderful care of me!
And of course I took a few pictures!

Look at the beautiful roses Cody brought me!

Mr. and Mrs.
Our china! (I'm kind of obsessed)

Our table is countertop height, which means that Chloe has to work to get up there with us. I had also moved chairs to create even more of an obstacle for Chloe so we could have a "romantic" dessert just the two of us. Chloe did not appreciate this and started crying, so she got to join us at the table!

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