Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Year Older...

Hooray for this time of year!! I for sure still get as excited about my birthday as I did when I was a little girl! I mean, who doesn't love their birthday?! Today was my 24th, which makes me feel old, but it was still fun!
After breakfast at which I got some wonderful presents from the husband and the parents, Mom and I started the day with manis/pedis. We then went to lunch with dad, Cody, Garrett and Carol at Heartland Ham (my birthday usually revolves around going to all of my favorite restaurants in one day!) This afternoon I had a Starbucks date with Allison, a sweet friend that I've had since we were two!!! (Please don't judge, I have on no make-up)
Tonight Cody and I went to GZs (a Chinese food restaurant) with our parents and came back here for petitfors! YUM!

And we finally got a good Christmas tree pic! Too bad it isn't in front of our own Christmas tree!

Today was wonderful!! Only one more week until our first wedding anniversary!! CRAZY!

A few pics from last week
Cheesecake factory
And Polar Express Day

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Dinah said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!! 24 is a good year.