Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its November!!

Can you believe that its already November!! That's crazy!! We had beautiful weather here for like a week and now its back up to the 80's! boo!
Cody and I have had a busy last couple of weeks!
Last weekend Carol was here with her parents and sister. We went to a Halloween party with them on Saturday night : ) Cody and I were construction workers (appropriate I know!), Carol was a golfer and Nanny was a nurse.

We missed Erin Grace's baby dedication though!! Her pictures were of course adorable as always! Check out her Halloween pics too! Cutest bunny ever!!

Work this week seemed busy, which could've had more to do with having things after/before school every day which ended with Field Day on Friday! I did vote early though!! Thank goodness for the weekend!! I've found a new joy in carving pumpkins!!
I'll spare you the pics I took of Chloe right before the pumpkin one. I put her in her Halloween costumes from years past. She was not excited at all in those : )
Cody and I tried out a pizza place last night called Russo's that we loved.
This morning I got to catch up with Allison Cloud, whose wedding I'm flying up to Dallas for next week.

Then we went to Harvey's company picnic, went shopping and got a few Christmas presents, and then have been pretty lazy tonight. I did finish my h/w for my LIT Bible study class, no thanks to Chloe!
I am very excited about getting an extra hour of sleep tonight b/c Daylight Savings ends!!
I'm nervous about Tuesday's election results but am praying hard that God will guide the country regardless of the new leader!

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beth said...

precious!!! cant wait to see you in just a few weeks!! love you times two