Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fly me to the Moon

This weekend I experienced the joy of flying to and from Dallas. The driving trip there is TERRIBLE, so I got to fly for Allison Cloud Brockman's wedding! : ) I got to spend a day with Tracib which is always fun, especially when it includes good food and shopping. Btw, her puppy Gatsby can do some of the cutest tricks! I am determined to teach Chloe some new ones now! We got dressed up last night and headed up to Plano for Allison's wedding. Can I just say that she was one of the most beautiful brides that I have ever seen! Oh and we were super excited to get to see Timothy! I flew back this afternoon to come home to my wonderful little family! : )

This is backtracking and completely out of order, but thats okay. This past Tuesday at LIT was our second to last week of Bible study and since I chronicle my life in pictures, our group of girls (minus Amanda) got a picture with Beth and Melissa. We were super excited!
Okay, I guess thats all! : ) Only two weeks until Cody's birthday, a little over that until Thanksgiving, then we get to decorate for Christmas, my birthday is in a little over a month , then Christmas and then our one year anniversary!! I love this time of year : )

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