Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10, 9, 8...

Okay so only 9 days left of school!!! How crazy!! My kiddos and I are counting down! Woohoo!
This past weekend, Cody's sister Lyndsey and friend Eddie came in to see some friends that were getting married. We got to hang out with them for a little while, while they were here, but I did not make them take a pic : ) They headed back after Cafe Express on Saturday and then Cody and I spent the rest of Saturday being lazy!!
We had to tend to our sick puppy on Sunday:
We never figured out what was wrong with her..maybe she had a fever? She's better now though!
Last night was the kindergarten musical and it was SO cute!! I can't put up pics of the kids though, so here's a pic of the team.
And then today Ellie had her 3 month check up! She's healthy and now weighs 22 pounds. The most interesting parts of these visits is the two of us in the car. Let me start out by reminding you that Chloe is 8 pounds and rides in my lap in the car, no big deal. Although Ellie would love to ride in my lap, that simply wouldn't work, so I put her on the floorboard in front of the back seats. In a matter of seconds, she managed to place her left paw around my back and her head on my right shoulder. I was laughing too hard at that point to take a pic, so I got a picture of her trying to wiggle her way to me on the way home (no worries moms, my car was in park and I was still in the parking lot!)

Oh and I've figured out lately that Ellie's eyes are brown and not black as I had originally thought!! Puppies are so fun!

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