Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank goodness this has just been a three day week, especially after thinking it was going to be a workless week! : ) My kids have been so sweet this week and seem to be glad to be back in a "normal" routine!!
I have a group of girls that go to breakfast every Thursday morning. Its such a wonderful time to chat and get out of the grind for an hour! We took a pic yesterday, but we were missing Carolina!

Yesterday afternoon our new kitchen appliances were delivered and installed!! We're SO excited!!

Then last night we went up to the Woodlands to eat dinner with HB for her 24th birthday, which is actually today!! We ate a Tommy Bahamas! Yum!! Pictures to follow soon...believe it or not I didn't take out my camera at all, so I'll have to get pics from the birthday girl!
Have a fantastic, fun Friday! (Thats what I tell my kiddos each week!)

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jen + ryan said...

love the new appliances! they make such a difference!