Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mini-Summer Vaca

What a crazy week...what a crazy school year!! First we miss 7 days for Hurricane Ike, then we missed a day for flooding this past Tuesday and then low and behold on Thursday night we got the call that a student at my school had the Swine Flu, so we're now missing 11 days for that!! (The student who had the swine flu is better now and cleared to return to school! Praise God!) So in total when all is said and done this year we will have missed 3 weeks and 3 days of instructional class time (although we did make up 3 days from Ike).
So, since I've gotten to spend so much time at home, I'm discovering a few things.
1. Chloe thinks she's an outside dog even though she's not.
2. Ellie thinks she's an inside dog even though she's not.
3. Chloe has been digging a hole that is really impressively deep for a little dog..not good!
4. Boredom = baking...lots and lots of baking
5. Baking = eating way too much!
6. Boredom/fear of swine flu = lots and lots of cleaning!
7. Running is actually entertaining..I might starting doing it more often!
8. My running playlist is from my freshman/sophomore year of college!!! I need work out song suggestions!
9. I like my pseudo-summer! : )

Take care of your selves and keep your hands sanitized! Hopefully the swine flu is gone soon!!


katie + bret said...

I am odd - I actually download books on tape and run to those. :/ It's like watching TV for me and makes the time FLY by!

Jess said...

My dogs are the same! The little one loves to be outside and big one wants to be inside!