Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Day

I am ever so grateful that as a teacher, I have time off in the summers. I really am. I teach summer school, the past two years have taught a week long science camp, take staff development courses and catch up on doctors appointments, but I still have plenty of time off to play. No complaints here : )
Well as summer is drawing to a close, I thought we needed to squeeze out at least one more beach day. On Tueday, I headed down to Galveston with Meagan, Lauren and their puppies, Toby and Lyla (in my defense, I have two pups. The smaller one who would have fit well with the group is not a fan of the water. Ellie does not like being left alone without Chloe. Ellie LOVES the water, but then I would've felt bad about leaving Chloe, so the pups stayed home and played together).
We spent some good time on the beach relaxing, chatting, playing with the puppies and soaking up a little sun (a little too much for me...I might have gotten a little sunburned..).

Then before heading back, we ran over to Pier 19 and visited Katie's seafood market. We picked up some fresh shrimp to bring home to cook. I was tempted to also get some fresh tilapia or salmon, but they still had faces....and I didn't think I could muster up the strength to clean them. Maybe if I go back with Cody sometime he'll be braver than I. Katie's is definitely a great place to stop for some fresh fish.

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