Monday, August 15, 2011

Diabetes Drama

For the most part, I do not complain about my diabetes (Cody, mom and dad you may disagree..), but I can think of 3 specific occasions right now where it has been a big nuisance.

1. During Spring Break of my 8th grade year, my family went on a ski trip to Crested Butte. On our way home I can't remember exactly what happened, but supper time came up and we were in a tiny airport that had no options of food but vending machines. At this point I was taking 2 shots a day and I had to eat certain amounts at certain times. Well I ended up having to eat my carbohydrates from a vending machine and I just really didn't want to. This + a low blood sugar (remember low blood sugars have a big impact on my moods) resulted in a "fit" in the airport which included the words, "its just not fair." Oh I shudder at the thought...I am now publicly apologizing to my mom, dad and brother. : )

2. I was on drill team in high school. I loved drill team. I worked really hard to be the best dancer I could be. Each year we went to drill team camp for a week to learn all of our football halftime routines. At the end of camp, we performed a "show-off" for our parents. Physical activity makes your blood sugar drop faster than it normally would on its own. As we walked in for our show-offs my junior year, I realized that my blood sugar was dropping. We went through the first dance and then I started crying (low blood sugar = extreme moods for SB), told my director that my blood sugar was low. She had the entire drill team sit down while I ate fruit snacks and to bring my blood sugar back up. I am very glad that she was kind enough to want to wait to include me, but oh my goodness, I could've died. I was so embarrassed.

3. Today was our convocation. We had been given instruction to make sure that we were on time and to account for all of the traffic as our district was large. My kinder team made arrangements to ride together and we got there so early. As we got out of the car, I realized that my pump had fallen out of my stomach. We were going to be up there all day and there was no way that I could go without my pump for that long. I was 25 minutes from my house and had ridden with other people and did not have my car. One of my sweet teammates had to drive me all the way back home (which was trafficy b/c we were headed towards town) and then back to the convocation. Thank goodness for sweet friends.

Now for the positives so that I don't leave you with a wah-wah-wah feeling
*If I was running late for class in high school, I may or may not have run to the nurse's office to check my blood sugar so that I could get a pass to class.
*I got to eat snacks in class regardless of whether or not we were supposed to..or I actually needed them..I mean, I'm diabetic
*I had the best pediatric doctor and nurses. I LOVED going to see them!
* My favorite excuse to get out of doing something usually includes the words "but I mean I am diabetic..."

Be looking for info soon on a possible team for the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes in H-town again this year. Go Team Sage!

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