Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Kind of Late) Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend we got to go home to spend a few days with our families. We got in Friday evening and go to see both families before getting to bed fairly early.
We got up super early Saturday morning to head out to the Gregg County Airport for the Great Texas Balloon Race. This is a big event for the Longview area. They have balloon races, competitions, balloon glows, tents set up selling all kinds of things and country concerts at night. Due to the extreme heat and large crowds, we opted to go see the competition that took place at 6:30 on Saturday morning. We saw the key grab competition.

Afterwards, I headed over to the new Paul Borman Trail. Longview has connected a lot of its parks to create a 3ish mile trail that stretches from the Loop to Highway 80. It was super shaded which was amazing since I didn't start my run until after 9. Everything was so new and is kept very clean which is also very nice. The only negative I saw was a lack of water fountains, but I always bring my own water in the summer so that wasn't even an issue (and I later learned that the water fountains are in the parks that I passed through..).

I ran by starbucks on my way back to the Sage House to get a little pick-me-up and ran into my dad! I love that!! Wish we lived close enough to run into family on a daily basis.
Mom and I then went up to her school for the afternoon to organize some of her books.
Then both families headed out to the barndominium for dinner.
We spent the night out there and enjoyed time on the Gator, relaxing outside of a city and practicing shooting.

Chloe got a haircut last week. Doesn't she look pretty? : )

We went to church on Sunday before lunch and games with both families before heading back to Houston. It was a wonderful weekend where we got to relax and spend some good quality time with our families.

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katie + bret said...

You know... since I have been with Bret we have YET to make it to a balloon glow! Every year I want us to go and every year there is something else going on that weekend - Same for alley fest :(

Looks like you had a great weekend!