Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A few of my favorite things

A few loves have come to my attention lately that I think you should know about also:

1. Amazon Prime
You pay for it yearly (unless you are a student, which I happen to be..), but it gives you free 2-day shipping. I've figured out that I can get almost anything on Amazon for cheaper than I can in any store: our cover for our laptop, my phone case was like $30 cheaper on amazon, a watch that I just purchased was over 30% cheaper.

2. Smith Optics
Cody introduced me to this sunglass company and I bought a pair of sunglasses from them a few Christmases ago. Well I happened to break them in the Spring (not at all surprising if you know me). They have a lifetime warranty and they no longer carried my particular glasses, so I got to pick a brand new pair of sunglasses! A company that actually stands by their lifetime warranty = amazing! Also, if you do not have polarized lenses you are missing out! They are AMAZING!

3. Rest days
I tend to push myself when running/working out . Rest days are so important. I usually have at least one day a week that I do not run/workout at all and my body is better for it. (A few rest days are good, but my allergies have been AWFUL since Friday, so I haven't been able to get in a good run...enough already!)

4. Breakfast
Now that I actually have time for breakfast in the summer, I'm developing some new favorites.
1. Green Monster Smoothies (greek yogurt, a tiny bit of milk, frozen fruit, spinach and a few ice cubes)
2. Breakfast sandwiches (Bagels/english muffins with 2 scrambled eggs, a piece of cheddar and 2 pieces of turkey bacon)
3. Toast with greek yogurt instead of butter topped with a little bit of Crofter's Superfruit Spread
4. Overnight oats - it makes me feel like I've cooked breakfast for my husband who still has to get up early for work in the summer..

What are your favorite things right now?


Jenny said...

Hey Sarah! I didn't realize you had a blog! I saw you on Lynn's blog and thought I would say hello!

Jenny Perot

Summer Anderson said...

OMG yes! Amazon prime is the BEST!