Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls' Weekend 2011: Galveston

Our yearly girls' weekend kind of started on Thursday night this year. Beth came in a night early and we met up with some friends at Bingo in the Heights. Some friends had been before and we had heard how fun it was, so we were excited to go. We however were not prepared for the massive number of people there! So glad Carolina and Lauren got there early enough to get us a table or we wouldn't have been allowed in. (Bingo started at 7:45 and they got there at 6 and luckily got a place for us to sit). This Bingo was primarily young professionals and oh so inexpensive. The cards I think were like $5 for the entire time! We had fun and had VERY interesting people sitting around us. One was quite vocal about her dislike of other people winning. We one time timed her "booing" for 14 seconds... Unfortunately none of us won anything, but we def. enjoyed ourselves!

On Friday, Beth and I got up and went for a little run before running errands to finish getting ready for the weekend. We then headed to our condo in Galveston to get everything set up before the rest of the crew got there.

Here are the cupcakes I made. (I would wait to ice/decorate them until the day and place you were going to serve them. I decorated mine the day before and the gum chairs became super floppy by the next day).

Once we were all set up, we realized the rest of the crew wouldn't be there for a while so we hit the beach for a bit.

Once Traci, Hannah and Liz arrived, we cooked a lasagna that I had previously made and frozen (great meal to prepare beforehand) and caught up with our sweet friends!

Saturday morning bright and early, Lauren and Carolina came down to Galveston for Lauren, Carolina, Beth and I to run a 10 miler. So glad we ran and finished, but my goodness it was hot and I was not prepared hydration wise for the run. We ran five miles down the seawall before realizing that all of us were out of water. At that point we realized we were out of water and still had the five miles to go back. We ended up running over to a fast food restaurant that was not yet open and finding an employee washing the windows. He brought us waters and saved our beehineys so we could rehydrate and finish our run. Thank you random man!

After the run (everyone else ran/walked too..we are so fit!), and did a little decorating,

we spent a little time at the Strand before grabbing lunch and heading to the beach.

Cutest little mama!! Traci (& Jaxson) Doesn't she look AMAZING!?

Dinner was at Gaido's and oh so yummy!! Afterwards, Liz, Hannah, Carolina and Lauren had to head back and the three remaining of us had a very chill night.

The next morning we had a little more pool time before heading to Mosquito Cafe for lunch. I don't know how I've missed this place every other time that I've been in Galveston...maybe because its off the beaten path, but I am so glad we found it! Its off the beaten path, not on the seawall, not by the cruise ships, not by the strand, but it is oh so busy! We got there right before the lunch crowd had picked up and had a very yummy lunch. I had a turkey sandwich that had bacon, lettuce, grilled apples, melted brie and mayo. It was ridiculously huge but a perfect mixture of textures and flavors. I will def. be returning!

We also happened to spy a cute little bakery right across the street called Patty Cakes so we decided to investigate. The "holy cow" was amazing. I cannot remember for the life of me exactly what was in it, but it was good! Then we headed back to Houston for everyone to return to their homes.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and to have such a wonderful tradition of meeting up each year! Our lives have changed so much since high school/college but am so thankful that our friendships have just continued to grow! Love you all and cannot wait until next year!

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Hannah said...

Loved this weekend with you lady! so thankful for you and our sweet friendship!