Thursday, July 14, 2011

Play date

One of the joys of having time off in the summer is having more time for family. Mom and I already got to spend a few days together earlier in the summer. My sweet niece is 3 which is SUCH a fun age! So I managed to finalge her away from her parents for a few days. I went the other day to Waco to pick her up and got to stop by my sweet Mamaw's house for an afternoon of lunch and chatting. I LOVE getting to see that lady : )
Since Erin's been here we have:
Visited the Houston Zoo

Had a picnic by the lake in Herman Park (I had no idea how great Herman Park was!)

Rode the Herman Park train (which I think was her favorite thing)

Played in the dirt (we've just moved one of the flower beds in our backyard)

Played in the sprinklers (to get rid of the dirt)

Made our own playdough ("recipe" to come)
I've had a blast with her and can't wait until she gets to come to stay again!

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