Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Ottoman

So you may remember when I showed pictures of Sadie's room, I mentioned an ottoman that we had made.
It all started with this white storage cube.  As we were cleaning out the closet I came across it and didn't really have a purpose for it, but didn't want to trash it. 
You may also remember this headboard.  I made it to fit our queen size bed.  Well once we replaced our queen size with a king, the headboard was no longer functioning.  I took it apart and use the muslin material and foam padding.  I attached the foam to the sides of the cube using hot glue.  I also had Cody cut a square out of the wood from the headboard and attached foam to it as well.
Once the foam had been glued down, I used the muslin material to the outside of the foam to smooth it out and used a staple gun to attach it.  I did the same to the square of wood (that would become the top).

I used the white and grey zig zag from Carousel designs to cover the muslin material (with the cube open side down).  Attaching the fabric was a two person person hold and fold, the other person staples).  Don't let the fabric go too far in..leave some of the wood showing.  We attached the top to the cube using liquid nails. 

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miracle said...

Very creative. DIY is my favorite.

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