Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have been spending a lot of time working on completing all of my grad school work...the race on against Sadie's arrival is on and luckily, I am almost finished minus a few little things.

Last Friday all three of my sweet classes surprised me.  They had been planning for a few weeks to have a baby shower during lunch time.  I got to each lunch with all of them.  They went in together and got Sadie's high chair, humidifier and a basket of other goodies.  They also made precious cards that were bound together in a book.  And oh my goodness they were so proud that they had kept the secret and so excited to celebrate.  Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE second grade? Sweet sweet kiddos!
A very thoughtful mother brought us Jason's Deli (if you are a school teacher you have barely 30 minutes for lunch and your options are bring from home or buy from the cafeteria...any time anyone brings in food, it is an amazing thing) and cupcakes from RJ Goodies (yum)!

 I can't share any pictures of the kids, but instead look at this precious diaper cake that one of the moms made!

Have I mentioned lately how much we love pizza?  We got a green egg smoker a while back.  It literally looks like a big green ceramic egg.

 Cody has smoked some traditional things on it and they were wonderful.  This week we decided to try pizza and it was wonderful!

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