Saturday, April 6, 2013

34 Weeks

How far along:  34 weeks
How big is baby: Butternut Squash...Sadie is actually measuring at 35 weeks and is 5.15 pounds, 17 inches
Maternity clothes:  Mostly, they are just way more comfortable and dresses are winning out over pants right now too for comfort.
Sleep: Sleeping fairly well, I just feel like I could continue sleeping a lot longer than I am able to each morning : )
Food cravings: chocolate, CFA, Thursday I was really wanting Pirates Booty but couldn't find it in the grocery store..still on the hunt for it
 Symptoms: Tiring out more easily, irritability (not all the time..most of the time I am in a really good mood.  It could just come from being more emotional, dang hormones.), blood sugars have been much better this week
Movement: I feel like she's getting into a sleep pattern.  She's awake a lot of the time that I am and wakes up a little before I would choose to most mornings, but that's okay.  I still just love feeling her move! She is head down though, so I'm getting some tiny feet in my ribs : )
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to: Weekly ultrasounds until she is born, packing hospital bags..getting ready for her arrival!
What I'm reading:  I decided on Dr. Sear's Baby book
What I miss:  Laying on my stomach
Best part of the week: Getting to see Sadie and feeling her move around!
Best comment from a student this week:
A first grader who I guess I had not seen in a while came up to me and said,
"Woa, Mrs. Sage, why is your stomach so big?!"
I responded, "why do you think my stomach is so big?"
Student said "Are you having a baby? What kind?"
I said, "A girl."  She left the conversation at that and then a few second later I hear her say while looking at my belly, "Its gonna explode!"
They are so funny! My own students, all 65, have been so sweet and so interested in everything.  They tell Sadie "hi" each day and are getting so excited about her coming.

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