Saturday, April 20, 2013

36 weeks

Ohhh we are getting close! : )

How far along:  36 weeks
How big is baby: Honeydew..Miss Sadie gained a full pound this week! She weighs 7lb 4 oz!  So glad she is growing and healthy.  Hoping however that each week does not bring another full pound...
Maternity clothes:  dresses, skirts and yoga pants are the most comfy...I also have some skinny jeans from Loft with a full panel that are so soft.  Early in the pregnancy they were too baggy, so they have been worn as much, but right now, they're the only jeans I'm comfortable in.
Sleep: Not great...waking up lots, waking up early, but I am somehow still trucking through each day.  I guess I am learning to run on less sleep : )
Food cravings: chocolate, cheese its
 Symptoms:Some braxton hicks, random back pain, overall still feeling good considering the size of my belly : ) I've given up on running at all until after Sadie's arrival, but am still trying to walk most days and that seems to make me feel more energetic
Movement: Still just a moving.  That's the most comforting feeling!
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to: Being a mom...SO excited to finally get to see her little face and hold her in my arms.  Just a few more weeks!
What I'm reading: I haven't really read much of anything this week, but   Dr. Sear's Baby book
What I miss:  Laying on my stomach
Best part of the week: Getting to see Sadie and feeling her move around!  A little more organizing in her room and the car seat base is in my car. 
A random man at the grocery store telling me I looked like I was about to pop! Haha..

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