Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maternity Clothes

Since I have been wearing them for a while now, I thought I would share my favorite maternity clothes purchases :
Old Navy 
Skinny pants with a demi panel..the full panel is just too itchy for my stomach.
I have teal cords,
black skinny pants and pink skinny pants.  I've liked the demi panel pants from there.  Of course they don't have the exact ones any more since mine were purchased during the winter months and we are entering the summer months, but these white ones look close or maybe it is these Pop-Color Rockstar Jeggings
I have these tanks in black and white and they go under almost everything

Maternity Chevron-Striped Maxi Skirt, which I have every intention of wearing after Sadie is born too..this skirt is soo comfortable

 And these low-rise leggings b/c eventually your own leggings will start cutting in too much..these are much more giving
I have dresses I love from Gap, Target and Ann Taylor Loft, but none of them are available anymore..they have some super cute new ones though!

They have my favorite jeans: the Demi Panel Always Skinny. They are kind of pricey, but I just waited for them to go on sale.
I always check the maternity clearance section when I go to Target.  I have found some great maternity/nursing tops and dresses that I feel are well worth the money as they serve for now and will also work after Sadie is born.  Like this cami
I love the side ruched T-shirts in short sleeve and long-sleeve too.  You feel frumpy enough as your belly grows, I've found that generally fitted tops makes me feel a bit more fashionable and stick the bump out as its own fashion statement  : ) I have more of these from Target than anywhere, but also some from GAP and Old Navy...soft and comfortable is the priority : )

Motherhood Maternity
The secret belly fit jeans are great, but sometimes the full belly panel makes my stomach itchy

Beyond these, some tops/dresses and some khakis/black pants for school, I was blessed by a sweet friend who shared her maternity clothes! I have been able to wear quite a few of my normal clothes up until now and have used my normal cardigans and blazers to my outfits..I just can't close them and have relied on jewelry to make the same basic pieces look a little different : ) I've worn my same running clothes, they're just a bit snugger and for at home, maternity yoga pants..they're amazing!  What have you found to be the best maternity clothes?

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