Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A tree top view

I love our house. It is very unique. It is also a very old house which means that we are often updating it, but still I love our house. Luckily for us, our puppies love our house too. Their current favorite spot is upstairs. Our house isn't really a 2-story, but we do have a loft room upstairs. It is not anything special, just a place to hold our workout equipment...kind of a second living room.
Our puppies love it because it has big windows, that are up high, hence the puppies are at the same level as the squirrels and birds in the trees. Due to safety reasons (Chloe...), we have to gate off the upstairs,

but once that gate moves you have to watch out for the girls (especially Ellie) as they will try their best to get upstairs before you.

They'll watch for a tiny friend and then rush downstairs and outside to chase it. This will go on for hours! Oh what a good life! : )

On a completely random note, I was trying desperately to get a lot of things finished yesterday, but found my self very ADD jumping from one task to another without finishing anything. I laughed when the Vitamin water that I pulled out of the fridge said FOCUS. Looks like I needed a reminder : )

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