Monday, June 20, 2011

Captain Tom's

For the past 4 years Cody and I have passed a boat restaurant on FM 1960. We've always been intrigued by it, but had never stopped to see what was inside (I mean it was a boat). Well, a few weeks ago we decided to stop by Captain Tom's (especially since it said Oyster Bar on the sign). We found raw oysters and stuffed crab for a super affordable price. The restaurant is very laid back, which is a plus for the Mr. I would not recommend coming with a large group simply because there are always just a few seats available (both times we've been, we've been lucky to stumble across the only two seats open at that time). I even ate the raw oysters and enjoyed them, which is saying a lot! Once you do find a seat, the service is quick and the staff is friendly. Check it out : )


Zoocat said...

And you've still never tried Clemetine's! Where is your spirit of adventure? :)

The Sages said...

I went one time for a baby shower but had to leave before they served food. Come down here and we will go : )

Sarah & Casey said...

Ahhh I've always been intrigued by that place too! Casey doesn't eat seafood though so I've never stopped in.