Sunday, June 5, 2011

National Running Day

Yes you read that right. There is a National Running Day and it is on June 1. All of those crazy runners out there like to celebrate their favorite sport and I am no different (I know I know, its kind of silly). After looking around some, I found that there was a group run from Luke's Locker in the Woodlands so my running partners, Carolina & Lauren, and I headed up to the Woodlands on Wednesday after our last student day of school. We did a little shopping, ran around one of the beautiful trails in the Woodlands, won a $25 Luke's Locker gift card, ate some yummy pizza and cupcakes! It was a wonderful evening!

While we were there on Wednesday, I saw a sign for the Dog Gone 5k on Saturday. Ellie and I love to run, so we headed back up to the Woodlands on Saturday morning. What a fun race! There were other puppies for Ellie to play with (some big and some little). Little Miss Ellie came in 3rd place! Woohoo!

She has yet to eat her award. I am sure she and Chlo will enjoy it : )

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