Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dog Park

We love our puppies and our puppies love to play. When we first moved to Houston, some friends told us about a dog park for Chloe. It is called the Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park, but we call it the Bearcreek dog park (let's be honest, I call it the puppy park). Chloe loves to go play on the little dog side and when we got Ellie, we took her for the big dog side.

My favorite things about it:
1. It is divided into two dog parks with exactly the same things on both sides (smaller scale of course for the little pups).
2. The pools are shaped like a dog bone.
3. There are puppy showers, so we can bathe the girls before they get back in the car
4. There is a lot of room on both sides

Ellie shows off when we are there. Her jumping/swimming skills are impressive. Chloe likes the big dog side and will go up to the largest dog in the dog park each time without fail...she will literally find dogs that resemble horses in size. For this reason, I like to take Chloe on the little dog side. : )
Our pups just had their yearly check ups! Our 5-year old Chloe is 8.4 pounds and our 2-year old Ellie is 82 pounds.
And I just finished watching Marley and Me. Great movie, but leaves me in tears EVERY time. Luckily Chloe is cuddling right by me so it makes it okay!

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