Thursday, June 9, 2011

Momma said there'll be days like this...

This is not however in reference to bad days, but good ones! My mom and I are very close. We talk daily..I mean we obviously have a lot to talk about because besides the fact that she is my mother, she also teaches kindergarten hence lots of topics of convo. Since we are both teachers this also means that we both get summers off (woohoo!). I start summer school next week, so before that began, mom came down to H-town for a couple of days. We did a lot of shopping and tried out a few yummy restaurants (but unfortunately no pics...idk how that happened!).
Tuesday we went to The Bake Shoppe.

The Bake Shoppe is in Cypress and is an eclectic deli/cajun restaurant. They are very generous with their portions and if you choose one of their combos, you get a cookie : ) They also have gorgeous cakes and homemade ding-dongs which I might need to try sometime after a long run to pre-burn off some of those calories. I noticed while we were there that they prepare meals for you to take home also (ie: king ranch,etc) which would be most helpful when things get busy.
Afterwards we headed up to (my happy place) the Houston Premium Outlets.
A few highlights of the trip include the Jcrew outlet where I found a hat that I have been looking for for quite a while, the GAP outlet where I got a swimsuit for $8, finding polarized Smith sunglasses for next to nothing. We had a very successful shopping day!

That night we picked up burgers from Franks and Toppings which is an organic fast food restaurant that sells (obviously) hot dogs and hamburgers. This restaurant is right by our house and I had passed it so many times and hadn't really thought much about it. About a month ago on a night that I was really craving burgers, we decided to try it and I loved it! You can really tell that the meat is all-natural, its very high quality. The burger that I have tried twice is the Blue Cheese burger. Cody has had the Wholly Guacamole burger.

The next day I introduced mom to the wonder that is Ikea. It is kind of like an amusement park of furniture. You take the escalator to the second floor then follow the blue arrows to see everything you could possibly need to outfit your house from the ground up. Its pretty amazing!

Afterwards we went to Tiny Boxwood's which is this adorable restaurant that is connected to the Thompson and Hanson nursery.

The atmosphere alone made me love the place. It was slightly crowded but I guess others felt the same way. Mom and I got the turkey and avocado club which was delicious. Their salads looked amazing too!

I had a wonderful time with my mom and hope to get her back down here soon : )

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Hannah said...

OMG i LOVE tiny boxwoods!!! their italian sausage and broccolini flatbread pizza is TO DIE FOR and their desserts are unbelievable!! and don't get me started on the white wine sangria...mmmm...bestie date soon!!?!?!?