Monday, March 11, 2013

Dresser Update

Our parents have been beyond generous as we have prepared for Miss Sadie's arrival.  Cody's parents gave us the dresser that had been in his bedroom growing up to use for her room.  It was a perfect dresser for a boys room.
I decided to make a few changes to it so that it would be ready for a little girl.  I used a few different blogs/pins to figure out exactly how to do this.
1. I wore a mask, so no worries

 2. With gloves on my hands (there are crazy skin warnings on this stuff), I used a degreaser (from Lowe's) to clean the dresser well, removed the drawers from the chest and handles from the drawers.

3. Using Zinsser cover stain primer that we found at Lowe's and a cabinet brush, I covered the entire thing.  It took me three coats, but saved me the labor and clean up of sanding. 
4. The dresser needed to dry before I could paint it, so I went shopping for a few hours : )
5. I wanted the dresser to be glossy and had read that latex enamel was the best for furniture, so we went with Valspar gloss white latex enamel.  I used another cabinet roller to apply this and it took just two layers. 
 6.  I also primed and painted two of these wooden decorative pieces from Hobby Lobby (that we attached with Liquid Nails) as well as the 4 feet (from Home need to buy the metal plates that attach to the furniture which are right by the feet in the store) as I went along. 
7.  I picked up some new cabinet pulls when I was at Home Depot also to give it another little face lift. 
 8.  The final product.  I was so pleased with the way it turned out!  It will be Sadie's dresser and changing table.


Sarah & Casey said...

That looks awesome Sarah Beth! Great job!

The Sages said...

Thank you! I'm really excited about the way it turned out!