Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today has been a very busy Saturday!! Cody and I have gotten a lot done around the house! I mean he's mowed and I'm thinking about doing laundry..but really we have done a lot. We started last Sunday painting shutters and put them up slowly this week finishing today.

Shuttered (You can also see that we've started the "getting rid" part of landscaping)
Shuttered Close up

Prior to being fully shuttered, Cody's masonry drill bit got too dull, so we ran to Home Depot. On our way to the drill bits we got a little distracted and purchased this outdoor table and rug!!

Now I just need to find a good outdoor centerpiece for our table like these lanterns from Pottery Barn. Keep your eyes peeled!

We also purchased a few veggies/herbs to grow. Cody is growing jalepenos.

And I am growing Sage (of course!!) and cilantro

Yes, the sign in mine does say "Sage!" Please note that mine started out as seeds while Cody's started out as little plants, so if mine do not make it and his do, it is because he had a greater advantage to begin with! : )

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jen + ryan said...

love everything!

wal mart has lanterns almost exactly like that for 9.99! :)