Sunday, March 8, 2009


Saturday I got to go to the rodeo with some of my favorite people from college!!! We went to eat first at Ruggles down near Rice village and then headed on to Reliant. Kelly kept us informed on everything going on at the rodeo and I found a new favorite event: mutton bustin! Cutest thing ever!! These 4-6 year olds completely decked out in pads and a helmet are holding onto a sheep(lamb?mutton?) and try to hold on the longest. SO CUTE! We also go to see some of the Trace Adkins concert. He wasn't our fave, but concerts are always fun and of course we took lots of pics!

After the rodeo, Kel, Beth, HB and I headed back up to my little corner of the world for dinner at BJ's and then we came back to the casa to hang out with Alex and Cody. Kel, Beth and I all changed into comfy clothes when we got home and realized that Kelly was the only one appropriately repping Baylor. Apparently those boys have a pretty big influence on our tshirt collections!

Today I have had several realizations:
1. If you arrive really late to church on Spring Forward Sunday, its okay b/c everyone thinks you just forgot the time change!
2. Putting up fans is not fun...they should really make the whole process easier.
3. Our yard is in shambles (i'm using that word for you Beth!). We have lots of places that should be growing grass that aren't, weeds are EVERYWHERE and no really pretty plants are in the yard..
4. I did not like yard work as a kid and I am still not a fan. I am however looking forward to planting flowers!
5. I really enjoy having guests at our house!

Only 5 days until Spring Break!!!! YAY!!!

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